2022 IEEE VTS Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium Aug. 24(Wed.)-26(Fri.), 2022, Seoul, Korea (Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea)

Program at a Glance

IEEE VTS APWCS 2022 Program at a Glance



8/24 (Wednesday) Session


Keynote Speech 1: 13:45~14:30

  • Edge Intelligence Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications for 6G Digital Twin

Trung Duong (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)


Wed-VR1 (Virtual): 14:30~16:00

  • Generalized Bender's decomposition (GBD) for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted Transmission Strategy Problem

Aamer Mohamed Huroon, Yu-Chih Huang, Carrson C. Fung, Li-Chun Wang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

  • 6G toward Metaverse: Technologies, Applications, and Challenges

Haoran Peng, Pei-Chen Chen, Pin-Hua, Chen, Yung-Shun Yang, Ching-Chieh Hsia, Li-Chun Wang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

  • A Novel Frequency Hopping-Aided FMCW Integrated Radar and Communication System

Meng-Xun Gu, Ming-Chun Lee, Ta-Sung Lee (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

  • Capacity-Fairness Tradeoff for Optimal Power Allocation in Cluster-wise MU-MIMO System

Sijie Xia, Chang Ge, Qiang Chen, Fumiyuki Adachi (Tohoku University)

  • Throughput Performance of Denser Mobile Networks Incorporating Fiber-Optic Relay Nodes

Takumi Yasaka, Kentaro Yoda, (Kogakuin University); Satoshi Suyama, (NTT DOCOMO, INC.); Hiroyuki Otsuka, (Kogakuin University)


Wed-WC1: 14:30~16:00

  • Adaptive Beam Size Design for LEO Satellite Networks with Doppler Shift Compensation

Sangmin Han, Won-Jae Lee, Wonjae Shin, Jae-Hyun Kim (Ajou University)

  • Bit Error Rate Performance of OFDM Using Hierarchical Modulation in 3GPP TDL Channel Model

Daiki Mitamura, Mamoru Sawahashi (Tokyo City University); Yoshihisa Kishiyama (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)

  • Butterfly Optimization Algorithm using Penalty-Reward Analysis for Secure Sensing

Noor Gul (University of Peshawar); Peshawar; Saeed Ahmed (Mirpur University of Science and Technology); Su Min Kim, Junsu Kim (Tech University of Korea)

  • Design of a New High-Order QAM FM Communication Transceiver and Verification of mmWave Software Radio Platform

Wei-Cheng Huang, Chih-Chieh Chiang, Yuan-Pei Wang, Juinn-Horng Deng (Yuan Ze University)

  • D-TLoc: Deep Learning-aided Hybrid TDoA/AoA-based Localization

Jinwoo Son, Inkook Keum, Yongjun Ahn, Byonhyo Shim (Seoul National University)


Wed-SS1: 16:00~17:30

  • Full-Duplex Multi-User Massive MIMO Systems With UAVs over Rician Channels

Woode Theodore, Prince Anokye, Kyoung-Jae Lee (Hanbat National University)

  • Mobile Traffic Prediction in Indoor Environment Using Deep Learning Model

Kim Young-Jun, Een-Kee Hong (KyungHee University)

  • Resource Allocation for D2D Communications with Sparse Code Multiple Access

Hyeon Min Kim, Oh-Soon Shin (Soongsil University)

  • Ship Detection in SAR Images Based on RetinaNet

Chushi Yu, Yoan Shin (Soongsil University)


Wed-5G1: 16:00~17:30

  • A Latency-Aware Scheduling Strategy for NR DCP DRX Mechanism

Yuh-Tser Wu, He-Hsuan Liu, Kuang-Hsun Lin, Hung-Yu Wei (National Taiwan University)

  • Analysis of surface code under the restricted number of CNOT gates

Jonghyun Lee, Jinyoung Ha, Yujin Kang, Jun Heo (Korea university)

  • Detection Probability of PRACH with Short Sequence Considering Carrier Frequency Offset for NR Radio Interface

Takamichi Chiba, Mamoru Sawahashi (Tokyo City University); Yoshihisa Kishiyama (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)

  • LSTM-based Beam Tracking Using Computer Vision

Jihoon Moon, Byonhyo Shim (Seoul National University)



8/25 (Thursday) Session


Keynote Speech 2: 10:00~10:45

  • 5G Evolution and 6G powered by IOWN

Takehiro Nakamura (NTT DoCoMo)


Keynote Speech 3: 10:45~11:30

  • New Type Communications in the B5G/6G

Jen-Ming Wu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)


Th-SS1: 13:00~14:30

  • DNN-based Channel Estimation and Tracking Algorithm using LSTM in V2I Communications

Yuna Sim, Seungseok Sin, Yuna Jeong, Jihun Cho, (Chonnam National University); Sangmi Moon, Korea (Nazarene University); Intae Hwang, (Chonnam National University)

  • DRL Based Channel Estimation to Improve Sensor Power Efficiency for IoT Applications

Arati k kale, KyungHi Chang (Inha University)

  • Fine Beam Tracking for a Wireless Power Transfer System with Beam Scanning

Ki-Won Park, Oh-Soon Shin, (Soongsil University)

  • MIMO Transmission Mode Switching Algorithm in Heterogeneous Network

Se-Hyeon Na, (KyungHee University); Een-Kee Hong, (Kyung Hee University)

  • Step Action Recognition Based on Seq2Seq Model

Chenxiang Lin, Yoan Shin, (Soongsil University)


Th-WC1: 13:00~14:30

  • Energy-Efficient Multi-UAV Network using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Hyungyu Ju, Byonhyo Shim, (Seoul National University)

  • Enhanced Velocity Vector Estimation Using Distributed Radar System

Lee Seung-Gu, Jaehoon Jung, Seong-Cheol Kim, (Seoul National University)

  • Index Modulation Based MIMO-GFDM Communication

James Wang, (National Chung Hsing University,Taiwan); Fang-Biau Ueng, (National Chung Hsing University); Li-Der Jeng, (Chung-Yuan Christian University); Xi-Lin Wang, (National Chung Hsing University)

  • Interference Analysis Method for 5G System to Radio Altimeter

Shuzhi Liu, Jiaqi Li, Seung-Hoon Hwang, (Dongguk University); Ho-kyung Son, (ETRI); Young-Jun Chong, (Electronic Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI))


Th-5G1: 13:00~14:30

  • FP-based Sub-band Precoding Scheme for the MU MIMO-OFDM Systems

Kelvin Kuang-Chi Lee, (Tamkang University)

  • Network Slicing with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Beyond 5G and 6G Systems

Sunwoo Kim, Byonhyo Shim, (Seoul National University)

  • On the Design of CAM/DENM Separate Resource Pool for C-V2X

Jicheng Yin, Seung-Hoon Hwang, (Dongguk University)

  • Parameter-Learned AMP for MIMO Signal Detection

Mari Miyoshi, TOSHIHIKO NISHIMURA, Takanori Sato, (Hokkaido University); Takeo Ohgane, (University of Hokkaido); Yasutaka Ogawa, (Hokkaido University); Junichiro Hagiwara, (University of Hokkaido)


Industrial Session: 14:30~15:30

  • KT 5G Use Cases and the Network Evolution

Byungsuk Kim (KT)

  • 5G based Smart Factory solution and use cases of LG U+,

Hayoung Jung (LG U+)

  • Journey to 5G Evolution toward 6G Era,

Min Soo Na (SKT)

  • 6G : The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All,

Dongmyoung Kim (Samsung Electronics)


Tutorial: 15:30~16:30

  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces 2.0: Beyond Diagonal Phase Shift Matrices

Bruno Clerckx (Imperial College, UK)


Th-SA1: 16:45~18:15

  • An Effective Pruning Scheme for Top-k Dominating Query Processing on Uncertain Data Streams

Chuan-Chi Lai, (Feng Chia University); Chih-Cheng Fan, Chuan-Ming Liu, (National Taipei University of Technology)

  • A Study on the Feature-level Perception Sharing of Autonomous Vehicles

Youngseok Kim, Sunwook Hwang, Saewoong Bahk, (Seoul National University)

  • DDPG-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Loitering Munition Mobility Control: Algorithm Design and Visualization

Hyunsoo Lee, Won Joon Yun, (Korea university); Soyi Jung, (Hallym University); Jae-Hyun Kim, Ajou University; Joongheon Kim, (Korea university)

  • Design of ROS-based Robotic Platform with High-precision stepping motor control

Shengmin Zhao, (University of Dongguk); Sang-Moon Lee, (JMP System); Seung-Hoon Hwang, (Dongguk University)

  • Exploring Deep Transfer Learning Interference classification on Neural Style Transfer Generated Synthetic SAR Datasets

Richard Capraru, (Nanyang Technological University and A*STAR); Matthew Ritchie, (University College London); Jian-Gang Wang, (Agency for Science, Technology and Research); Boon Hee Soong, (Nanyang Technological University)


Th-WC2: 16:45~18:15

  • Performance Evaluation of Handover using A4 Event in LEO Satellites Network

Jina Yu, (University of Ajou); Won-Jae Lee, (Ajou university); Jae-Hyun Kim, (Ajou University)

  • Performance of PSA Kalman Filters for Phase Noise Compensation in High-Order QAM OFDM Systems

Ryota, (Kuribayashi); Mamoru Sawahashi, (Tokyo City University); Norifumi Kamiya, (NEC Corporation)

  • Sparse superposition modulation for SIMO ISI channels with one-bit ADCs

Yunseo Nam, Byonhyo Shim, (Seoul National University)

  • Reliable Transceiver Design of LEO Satellite Communication Systems with Doppler Effect and Multipath and Amplification Nonlinear Distortions

Sheng-Hsuan Hsu, Juinn-Horng Deng, (Yuan Ze University) [Virtual Presentation]


Th-5G2: 16:45~18:15

  • Performance of Matrix Decomposition Algorithms in 5G NR MIMO Precoding

Simona Sibio, (Heriot Watt University); Paul Newson, (Xilinx Inc.); Souheil Ben Smida, (Heriot Watt University); Yuan Ding, (Heriot-Watt University); Tom Offer, David Ramsay, Bill Wilkie, (Xilinx Inc.); George Goussetis, (Heriot Watt University)

  • Pilot Decontamination Scheme for mmWave Grant-free IoT Networks

Shanai Wu, Yoan Shin, (Soongsil University)

  • Security Analysis of One-step QSDC Protocol with Hyperentanglement

Kunhoo Kim, Bumil Kim, (Korea University); Jun Heo, (Korea university)

  • Renewable Energy with Energy-Efficient Distributed Processing for IoT

Jiaqi Li, Seung-Hoon Hwang, (Dongguk University)


Keynote Speech: 18:30~19:00


Lajos Hanjo (Univ. of Southampton, UK)



8/26 (Friday) Session


Keynote Speech 4: 10:00~10:45

  • Wireless Federated Learning – A Look at Interference

Tony Quek (SUTD, Singapore)


FR-SA1: 11:00~12:30

  • Skeleton-oriented Autonomous Reference Point Deployment for Wireless Indoor Localization

Teng-Yun Lee, Chih-Yu Chen (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University); An-Hung Hsiao, Chun-Jie Chiu (National Chiao Tung University); Kai-Ten Feng (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

  • Trends in 3D Point Cloud Contents Sampling in Mobile AR/VR Platforms

Hankyul Baek, Haemin Lee (Korea University); Ji-Yeon Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology); Soyi Jung (Hallym University); Minseok Choi (Kyung Hee University); Joongheon Kim (Korea University)

  • Smartphone screen to camera uplink communication with enhanced physical layer security by low-luminance space division multiplexing

Alisa Kawade, Wataru Chujo, Kentaro Kobayashi (Meijo University) [Virtual]

  • Flying Watchdog: A Drone with Edge AIoT for Residential Safety and Fall Detection by Face and Posture Recognition

Kai-Jie CHANG, Chung-Wei Chuang, Jun-Tung Chiu, Cosmos Jen-Yeu Chen (National Dong Hwa University) [Virtual]

  • Outdoor Localization for Mobile Units in GPS Restricted Scenario Aided by Pedestrian Dead Reckoning

Ja-Myoung Choi, Keunwoo Kim, Seong-Cheol Kim (Seoul National University) [Virtual]


FR-SS1: 11:00~12:30

  • Performance Analysis for Multihop AF-SWIPT Relay System

Kunju Kim (Hanbat National University); Derek Kwaku Pobi Asiedu (Seoul National University of Science and Technology); Kyoung-Jae Lee (Hanbat National University)

  • Research for Monte Carlo Tree Search based Cell Selection Algorithm and Parameter

Hyeon-Min Yoo (KyungHee University); Een-Kee Hong (Kyung Hee University)

  • Variational Autoencoder Based Activity Detection for mmWave IoT Networks

Shanai Wu, Yoan Shin (Soongsil University)





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